Twice the Dine

Alisa's Birthday

I just heard three words that can change every woman’s life…

“You’re gaining weight.”

Have I become a glutton?!?

Actually, I’m just a southern lady who appreciates good food, good conversation and great company. Let’s just say this past weekend I enjoyed all of the above.

Fun times indeed!

RA Sushi

When I was invited for happy hour earlier in the week, I could have sworn I would be stepping out on a Friday evening. Instead, I was invited to meet on Saturday at Ra Sushi.

Quite intrigued, I agreed to meet for drink and “dinner” rolls. On a typical Friday night, Ra Sushi is a pretty happening spot. Located on the corner of Peachtree and 10th, the restaurant is walking distance to several of Atlanta’s most popular night clubs and Loews hotel.

I’ve passed by many times, noticing the patrons dining on the patio watching people like me head to their nightly destinations. I love Sushi, but my Fridays are not usually reserved for dining, yet.

The happy hour special offers drinks and your favorite rolls at a great price but this place wasn’t my favorite. All sushi isn’t created equal and Ra Sushi is better for sightseeing.

Two Urban Licks. Tiff

Two Urban Licks

There are just some restaurants you have to try. Two Urban Licks falls into that category.

Perfect for a first date, a birthday celebration or a larger gathering, Two Urban Licks impresses.

My friend Alisa decided to celebrate her birthday this year (something she rarely does) and this restaurant proved to be the perfect spot.

The large sized venue with it’s swanky guest, lively chatter, impressive d├ęcor and great menu selection was a girl’s night out dream.

The salmon chips were a sensational starter and the steak bistro was divine.

No dining this weekend. I’m on a diet.

Cami Cakes


Tipps’ Peep Show

Tif at 200

I was just telling a friend how I wanted to dress up and I wasn’t thinking of Halloween.

I was thinking of ball gowns, daimond rings and stillettos. I had my chance, but I didn’t wear the dress – not yet.

When I received an invitation to attend T.I.’s birthday party during the BET Hip Hop awards weekend, I immediately replied yes. The event was held one of Atlanta’s premiere event venues. I knew instantly this would be a classy affair.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Tip Peep show

We arrived at 200 Peachtree at 11:30. Outside were invited guests, photographers, hopeful fans and passerbyers wondering what all the buzz was about. Luckily there wasn’t a line. Since guests were confirmed before the actual event, the process of getting in was pretty seamless.

Once inside I was taken back by the decor and set up inside. The 200 Peachtree building is usually known as an upscale wedding destination, and upon seeing the spacious room with crystal chandelliers, high ceilings, panelled floors and open bar areas I could honestly agree as to why a bride would want to marry here.

The place was fit for King.


This is where rapper “King of the South” comes in.

T.I.’s “Tipps Peep Show” had something else in mind, turning what is usually used for elegance into something more exotic.

I didn’t understand at first, until I realized that there was a curtain rising above my head and the people taking pictures weren’t getting shots of me.

All around the room were different booths, comouflaged in black. Upon specific times satin curtains would slowly rise and to our surprise (or interest) a little “show” would take place right before our eyes. Since I’m not sure I’m authorized to spill all the details, I’ll let you use your imagination for some of it and for the rest, I’ll share.

There were at least 5 booths. Think estasy. Think erotic. Think class. All of it was intriquing and tasteful. I spent time at each booth being caught up in scenes that reminded me of a popular novel I was just reading not long ago. Have you ever heard of 50 Shades of Grey…

Well, I imagine that Christian Grey and Clifford Harris could have a few things in common other than suits and ties.

Speaking of ties…

After walking around and getting a peep at each display, I found myself beginning to really have a great time. The music was pretty mellow until T.I. showed up and then things went up a few degrees. The man of the hour came in looking as polished as ever and with him of course was wife Tiny.

Tiff and Nelly

A few of his friends stopped by. I head P.Diddy was in the building and rapper Nelly could be seen casually standing near the DJ booth. He was kind enough to take a photo with me. Notice my smile.

The night wrapped up nicely and my friends and I all had a blast.

Tipps peep show

As for my ballgown…I am looking forward to wearing it soon.

Dinner, Drinks and Dwele

photo (3)Friday night felt like a marathon of events. It was one of those nights you wish there were two of you so each could be in different places at once. It was an early start for me (6 pm) and by the end of the night I learned that nothing can substitute a much needed cup of coffee.

Little 5 Points was the first stop. It’s an artsy area not far from downtown Atlanta. Here you’ll find anything but the trend. It’s an area filled with unique boutiques carrying decade favorites like afro wigs, bell bottoms, neon tights and wool coats. There’s also independent music stores, coffee shops and little desert parlors aligning the narrow maze of blocks that makes up it’s little five points.

Dwele and James

I was headed to Moods Music for a “Meet and Greet” with soul artist Dwele. I remember first hearing of Dwele in college. I was sitting in the office of my campus newspaper when a fellow editor said, “Hey, you should listen to this guy” and after a few repeats (many actually) of the song “Subject” I pretty much became a fan that day.

When I stepped inside the record store, it was obvious I wasn’t the only one. There was standing room only in the comfy cafe like setting. Towards the front I could see Dwele sitting comfortably in a leather chair taking questions from the host of the evening. Dwele was rocking an untamed afro, glasses and a leather jacket. During the interview he covered things like his inspiration for music, his love for Detroit and also his love for his mother who happened to be sitting right up front. Awe! That’s my kind of guy, not a mama’s man, just a man who love and appreciates his moms!

At the end of the session Dwele autographed cds, posed for pictures and lucky for me, I was able to catch a shot with him. What a great start to the evening! Now it was on to the next location for the night.

Mi Cocina
I was looking forward to having dinner with friends. I had two reserved dinners for the evening. The first was at a Mexican restaurant in Midtown, Mi Cocina. I was always told that with Mexican, you can’t go wrong…

The ambiance was sophisticated, modern and lively. You could hear the enthusiastic chatter as soon as you stepped from behind the revolving glass door. I was welcomed immediately by the greeter and impressed with the classy mix of diners for the evening. I loved the mixture of professional and artsy.

There were five of us that night and while we were waiting for two more, the rest of us took a seat at the bar located on the lower level of the restaurant. The wait on a Friday night was 30 minutes (surprising to me) and right on queue we were seated upstairs to a U-shaped table for five.

Before you order, watch out for the salsa! Of course when you’re waiting for the main entree you’re going to be served and refreshed with chips and salsa. Well, at Mi Cocina they are not light on the spice. Fresh indeed but a little too much for me. However, there were a few of us that felt differently.

A drink that will go well with your main course for the evening is the Mambo Taxi! Everyone at the table agreed it was great! It’s a frozen margarita Suaza Blanco tequila and Mi Cocina’s house made sangria. All you need is one, but you’ll definitely want more of this cool and refreshing selection.

Everything was going well for the evening with the exception of when it came time for our dinner. The wait was long, extremely long and after about an hour of girl talk we began to wonder if our food was ever going to come. Our waiter respectfully took our request to see a manager. When the manager came he apologized for the inconvenience and explained that the kitchen was backed up, which was something that usually didn’t happen according to him. The great thing about it was that he would ensure we were compensated and indeed we were.

When the food did arrive, it made well for a exhaustive delay. Everything was great. I kept it simple with beef tacos and chicken burritos. The burritos are highly recommended.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the other dinner, but I did hit up a pub in East Atlanta…