Truva and PrivÉ

Restaurant Week Atlanta



Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week was the perfect opportunity to go exploring for something new, something different and something delicious to eat.

The city comes alive with forks clicking the edges of fine china and enthusiastic chatter over white linen graced tables. I enjoy this time of the year. I’m always with new or old friends and I’m always looking forward to seeing what’s on the menu.

This time I tried Truva Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge.

During restaurant week, chefs look over the menus and create several combinations for you. The goal is to give you several options of a full course meal for no more than $25. Smaller servings are $15 but you still get a nice dinner for less than you would on a regular business day.

Truva’s Lamb, hummus, rice/bean combination was a popular selection at our table although I ordered the lentil soup with dinner bread. The soup was delicious. Peeking over I could see friends enjoying the lamb and a few of the cocktails circling around the table.

Truva’s staff was courteous with our questions about the menu and the wide 2 level venue is perfect for small dinners or an intimate evening with a loved one.

PrivÉ Nightclub


The nightlife club scene can become pretty mundane at times, but when done right – you can really find yourself having a great time.

This past Friday, my friends and I went to Prive for the first time to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Prive has been advertising its venue recently as the premier spot for your Friday indulgence. That’s a pretty strong statement considering its competitors include Vanquish and Reign, both drawing in capacity full crowds.

A private section will be your saving grace at Prive. We were welcomed to cushioned white seating, choice alcohol beverages, roped off sections, courteous wait staff and hookah for the birthday girl and her friends. We had a great time. “Lifestyle Specialist” and DJ Kenny Burns played a great set. When we weren’t sitting down posing for pictures, we were up and dancing to a musical mix of classic Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae and throw back favorites.

The crowd comes in after 11:30 but fills up pretty quick and the women are not shy to show. Prive party goers range from 25-35 and celebrity guests are there every Friday. Kelly Rowland, Kerri Hilson, and “Like a Man” actor Terrance J have gotten their party on at Spring Street. So if you’re planning on going, you want to bring your “A” game. That doesn’t mean suit and tie though. Prive substitutes that with labels, platforms and expensive watches. That’s just how it goes in the ATL.

Ultimately it was a great night out with Friends.

PrivÉ with Friends


Social Cravings

Social Cravings Tiffany

Last Thursday was great.

It was one of those occasions when I was looking forward to doing something different. Although Atlanta is always buzzing with creative things to do, you can’t help but sometimes fall into a routine.

That’s why the Social Cravings event held at Aurum Lounge was a welcomed relief from the norm.

Social Cravings is a monthly event that welcomes food connoisseurs to taste and dine in a unique atmosphere. Local chefs display creative concoctions from their restaurant menus or personal recipes in front of curious guests while giving instructions and tips on how the create the selection for themselves. At the end of each display, guests are allowed to sample each of the chef’s demonstrations.

This month Chef Ray Stallings headed the display. Alongside Chef Stallings was V103 Atlanta Radio Personality Egypt Sherrod who served as emcee for the evening.

Social Cravings Egypt and Chef Ray

The room was comfortably packed and you could even spot a few noteworthy guests such as R&B singer Algebra Blessett and Nicci Gilbert from TV One’s R&B Divas, to name a few.

I had a great time. The food was delicious and the crowd interactive.

This was my second time attending the Social Cravings and it’s definitely an event worth stepping out for. SC is held monthly, so be on the lookout for the next Chef to present their favorite appetizer or entrée right before your eyes. It’s also not so bad if there’s good music, a flashing camera and a few good friends there too.

Social Cravings with Friends

Let Me Explain

Kevin Hart 6

Kevin Hart is a Global brand.


You know he’s funny. You know he’s an actor. You know he’s short. But you may have not known that’s he’s global and Major.

Well, he is and in his film, “Let me Explain” he lets you know that he’s not an ordinary comedian, he’s an Extraordinary comedian.

On a Tuesday night when I’m normally hanging out at Cafe Circa for their Tuesday night social, I was getting ready to head to Atlantic Station in midtown for a movie night with a few of my girlfriends.

Kevin Hart 2

I’d heard many people looking forward to the film over the weekend, so when I received the text about a 10pm showing of “Let me Explain” I immediately started getting dressed.

Kevin Hart is a funny guy on stage, behind the scenes and in movies. He’s also a very personal guy, pulling much of his stage performance and material from life experiences dealing with relationships, fatherhood and fame. That was his set when he visited Fox threatre a few years ago during his Laugh at my Pain tour. That was before the movie, before the DUI and before audiences would be aware of just how big of a deal Kevin really is.

That’s pretty much the synopsis of the movie. The film starts with a personal recording of Kevin hosting a mix and mingle party. It’s pretty much the Kevin we’ve all come to know, loud, animated and outrageously funny. It begins to get scripted when you see guests from the party confronting him about rumors and stories they’ve read in newspapers and magazines or seen on the popular gossip source TMZ.

“So you don’t like dark-skinned women anymore?”

“What?” Kevin responds in reply. And from there Kevin gets bombarded with other accusations about his divorce, his relationships and finally his fame. When verbally confronted about his lack of fame, his “local” reach, Kevin decides to shut the party down and explain all the rumors for him self – at Madison Square Garden.

In front of 30,000 people.

It’s an amazing story to absorb. We’re accustomed to seeing performers, singers, bands sell out doing world tours, but how often do we see that with comedians? With clips from his visits to Toronta, Cananda and London, Kevin Harts explains to all of the world that he’s pretty much a big deal.

The film is personal and intimate is it’s documentary style approach, but it’s also worth seeing on the big screen. My friends and I had a great time laughing hysterically at Kevin’s storytelling, animated expressions and downright outrageous humor. Simply put, the man knows how to tell a good joke.

Towards the end of the film you get to see a side of the comedian that you don’t see often when he’s performing his routine. He sold out Madison Square Garden a defeat that not many peformers get to brag about and that’s the one moment you see Kevin humbled, honored and grateful.

“Let me explain,” it’s worth it.

Kevin Hart 3

Park’s Edge

Park Tavern Biscuits

I am a true Southern girl.

Sunday mornings always included big country spreads of grits, eggs, sausage, lemonade, orange juice and fresh fruit. The list goes on. What I loved most was coming home from church and sitting at the table for a nice hot biscuit to accompany me as I waited for my meal to be served.

Not much has changed. I still love a great Sunday brunch and for the past few weeks I’ve been sampling some of Atlanta’s restaurants to discover just who has the best brunch menu in town.

Park’s Edge…

…and those biscuits.

On Sunday, I met with the Atlanta Bookworms book club to discuss our most recent read, “The Round House” and to enjoy a warm conversation over brunch.

Park’s Edge is located in Inman Park which is a really nice area of town. It’s perfect for discovering nice, intimate dining spots off the beaten path. The was my first visit at Park’s Edge but as I approached I could easily see the venue had a quite a following.

“When you come in, go to the left.”

I spotted my group just alongside the center of the floor. The room isn’t very large, but it was comforting and embodies a lovely classic southern ambiance.

Park Tavern Spread<

I found combinations like chicken and waffles, pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs inviting as I toured the menu, but settled on a simple waffle and fruit combination. However, it was those "grandmother" styled baked biscuits and fresh strawberry jam that really pulled at my heart. When you can connect great childhood memories with food, then you know it's good.

The only downside to the experience was the wait. Good thing we came to chat on account of reading. I may return but waiting over an hour did disappoint. The search continues.

Park's Edge Brunch

Wear Something White

All White Tiff

I love going to events that require you to dress outside of the norm.

That’s probably the reason why I was excited about getting out on Saturday to attend the 2nd Annual Energ All White Day Party. The event was held at Bottle Bar & Bistro in Buckhead.

But first, “What’s a Day Party?”

Day parties are nothing new to Atlanta but are mostly held in the summer because of the great weather and having access to the city’s most beautiful rooftops.

These gatherings are great because they allow the more conservative people the ability to get out and have a nice time without being out considerably late. People also tend to dress a little more descreetly at these events because it’s more of a social gathering as opposed to a club scene where it’s strictly dancing, music and drinking.

My friend and I arrived and Bottle Bar around 6. It was a nice feeling approaching the venue seeing everyone dressed in their finest white ensembles. The weather was perfect. It was summer defintely, but the cool breeze on the patio was very welcoming and so were our Sangrias.

All White Tiff and Sham

The music inside was fabulous and it was so refreshing to see everyone having a good time. It was really a great event and I trust there will be plenty more before the summer is over.

So if you think you want to head out, consider atteding one of the Day Parties over the weekend. I hear Opera Gardens on Sundays is nice.

All White Crowd

Loews Hotel


It felt like a scene from “Sex in the City.” The streets were busy, the air was cool and crisp and fashionably dressed people were pacing the sidewalk to get into the night’s most artful events.

It was the Hebru Brantley Penny Candy event hosted by Allways Open Creative and Loews Hotel. The event took place Friday night on the C floor of the Loews Hotel on Peachtree St.

Viewing for the display began at 7pm and by 8 the line stretched from the room entrance all the way to the back elevators. This by far was one of the most popular events of the night.

Hebru Brantley is a nationally recognized artist whose works depicts much of his 1980’s upbringing. He currently resides in Chicago, but has close ties to Atlanta. The artist earned his B.A. in film from Clark Atlanta University. His work tackles both political and social issues, with a child’s eye. Friday night exhibit was a reflection both of his artistic genuis and Atlanta’s of upscale interest.

Although unfamiliar with the artist’s work, I quickly became intriqued with the unique blend of comic book heros, afrocentricity and exaggerated expressions. I didn’t see one piece that didn’t catch my eye. I wasn’t the only one. In a very social setting, I noticed people pausing and taking pictures of the work. I took a few myself.

Hebru Brantley photo 1

The atmosphere was great. It was the type of event the city needs aside from it’s popular bar and club scene. I stayed for a good while. The music was great and the people were buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.

Afterwards we headed downstairs to the hotel Lobby which is the perfect scene for a few cocktails and cathching up with one of youre favorite girlfriends. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would be proud.

Hebru Brantley photo 4

Kouture Lounge

Kouture Lounge Tiffany

Friday nights in Atlanta. It’s sort of a big deal.

One area that’s always alive with energy is 10/12 Street near Peachtree. This area has three of the cities most popular nightclubs all within walking distance of one another, two side by side. So it’s no wonder that one any given Friday, you can expect to see people piling in line to party.

There’s the clubs and then there’s Kouture Lounge.

Kouture Lounge 2

Formerly Leopard Lounge and then Fins restaurant, Kouture offers the same energy and music you’d find in your usual nightclub but with a much more laid back and mature atmosphere. Recently re-opened about two weeks ago, I decided to check it out for myself.

Kouture lounge is located at the corner of Crescent and 12th and is surrounded by other social spots like Luxe Lounge and Opera nightclub. It’s a great location because it’s also a block away from Vanquish and Opera.

Since it’s re-open, Kouture has been free entry for all. Friday my friends and I arrived a little after 11 and enjoyed the split level venue for a few hours. There’s the patio, the inside main room and the more posh lower level with white seats and flat screens. There are DJs in every room and surprisingly you don’t hear much of the same music repeatedly.

Kouture is open Thursday through Saturday and just recently opened its doors for a Monday night crowd. Alone, on a date or with a few friends this place is a good landing spot.

Friday with Friends