Social Cravings

Social Cravings Tiffany

Last Thursday was great.

It was one of those occasions when I was looking forward to doing something different. Although Atlanta is always buzzing with creative things to do, you can’t help but sometimes fall into a routine.

That’s why the Social Cravings event held at Aurum Lounge was a welcomed relief from the norm.

Social Cravings is a monthly event that welcomes food connoisseurs to taste and dine in a unique atmosphere. Local chefs display creative concoctions from their restaurant menus or personal recipes in front of curious guests while giving instructions and tips on how the create the selection for themselves. At the end of each display, guests are allowed to sample each of the chef’s demonstrations.

This month Chef Ray Stallings headed the display. Alongside Chef Stallings was V103 Atlanta Radio Personality Egypt Sherrod who served as emcee for the evening.

Social Cravings Egypt and Chef Ray

The room was comfortably packed and you could even spot a few noteworthy guests such as R&B singer Algebra Blessett and Nicci Gilbert from TV One’s R&B Divas, to name a few.

I had a great time. The food was delicious and the crowd interactive.

This was my second time attending the Social Cravings and it’s definitely an event worth stepping out for. SC is held monthly, so be on the lookout for the next Chef to present their favorite appetizer or entrée right before your eyes. It’s also not so bad if there’s good music, a flashing camera and a few good friends there too.

Social Cravings with Friends


2 thoughts on “Social Cravings

    1. Hey R’shea! Thanks for commenting and I would love for us to attend the next event. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you again. See you soon!

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