Let Me Explain

Kevin Hart 6

Kevin Hart is a Global brand.


You know he’s funny. You know he’s an actor. You know he’s short. But you may have not known that’s he’s global and Major.

Well, he is and in his film, “Let me Explain” he lets you know that he’s not an ordinary comedian, he’s an Extraordinary comedian.

On a Tuesday night when I’m normally hanging out at Cafe Circa for their Tuesday night social, I was getting ready to head to Atlantic Station in midtown for a movie night with a few of my girlfriends.

Kevin Hart 2

I’d heard many people looking forward to the film over the weekend, so when I received the text about a 10pm showing of “Let me Explain” I immediately started getting dressed.

Kevin Hart is a funny guy on stage, behind the scenes and in movies. He’s also a very personal guy, pulling much of his stage performance and material from life experiences dealing with relationships, fatherhood and fame. That was his set when he visited Fox threatre a few years ago during his Laugh at my Pain tour. That was before the movie, before the DUI and before audiences would be aware of just how big of a deal Kevin really is.

That’s pretty much the synopsis of the movie. The film starts with a personal recording of Kevin hosting a mix and mingle party. It’s pretty much the Kevin we’ve all come to know, loud, animated and outrageously funny. It begins to get scripted when you see guests from the party confronting him about rumors and stories they’ve read in newspapers and magazines or seen on the popular gossip source TMZ.

“So you don’t like dark-skinned women anymore?”

“What?” Kevin responds in reply. And from there Kevin gets bombarded with other accusations about his divorce, his relationships and finally his fame. When verbally confronted about his lack of fame, his “local” reach, Kevin decides to shut the party down and explain all the rumors for him self – at Madison Square Garden.

In front of 30,000 people.

It’s an amazing story to absorb. We’re accustomed to seeing performers, singers, bands sell out doing world tours, but how often do we see that with comedians? With clips from his visits to Toronta, Cananda and London, Kevin Harts explains to all of the world that he’s pretty much a big deal.

The film is personal and intimate is it’s documentary style approach, but it’s also worth seeing on the big screen. My friends and I had a great time laughing hysterically at Kevin’s storytelling, animated expressions and downright outrageous humor. Simply put, the man knows how to tell a good joke.

Towards the end of the film you get to see a side of the comedian that you don’t see often when he’s performing his routine. He sold out Madison Square Garden a defeat that not many peformers get to brag about and that’s the one moment you see Kevin humbled, honored and grateful.

“Let me explain,” it’s worth it.

Kevin Hart 3


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