Park’s Edge

Park Tavern Biscuits

I am a true Southern girl.

Sunday mornings always included big country spreads of grits, eggs, sausage, lemonade, orange juice and fresh fruit. The list goes on. What I loved most was coming home from church and sitting at the table for a nice hot biscuit to accompany me as I waited for my meal to be served.

Not much has changed. I still love a great Sunday brunch and for the past few weeks I’ve been sampling some of Atlanta’s restaurants to discover just who has the best brunch menu in town.

Park’s Edge…

…and those biscuits.

On Sunday, I met with the Atlanta Bookworms book club to discuss our most recent read, “The Round House” and to enjoy a warm conversation over brunch.

Park’s Edge is located in Inman Park which is a really nice area of town. It’s perfect for discovering nice, intimate dining spots off the beaten path. The was my first visit at Park’s Edge but as I approached I could easily see the venue had a quite a following.

“When you come in, go to the left.”

I spotted my group just alongside the center of the floor. The room isn’t very large, but it was comforting and embodies a lovely classic southern ambiance.

Park Tavern Spread<

I found combinations like chicken and waffles, pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs inviting as I toured the menu, but settled on a simple waffle and fruit combination. However, it was those "grandmother" styled baked biscuits and fresh strawberry jam that really pulled at my heart. When you can connect great childhood memories with food, then you know it's good.

The only downside to the experience was the wait. Good thing we came to chat on account of reading. I may return but waiting over an hour did disappoint. The search continues.

Park's Edge Brunch


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