Wear Something White

All White Tiff

I love going to events that require you to dress outside of the norm.

That’s probably the reason why I was excited about getting out on Saturday to attend the 2nd Annual Energ All White Day Party. The event was held at Bottle Bar & Bistro in Buckhead.

But first, “What’s a Day Party?”

Day parties are nothing new to Atlanta but are mostly held in the summer because of the great weather and having access to the city’s most beautiful rooftops.

These gatherings are great because they allow the more conservative people the ability to get out and have a nice time without being out considerably late. People also tend to dress a little more descreetly at these events because it’s more of a social gathering as opposed to a club scene where it’s strictly dancing, music and drinking.

My friend and I arrived and Bottle Bar around 6. It was a nice feeling approaching the venue seeing everyone dressed in their finest white ensembles. The weather was perfect. It was summer defintely, but the cool breeze on the patio was very welcoming and so were our Sangrias.

All White Tiff and Sham

The music inside was fabulous and it was so refreshing to see everyone having a good time. It was really a great event and I trust there will be plenty more before the summer is over.

So if you think you want to head out, consider atteding one of the Day Parties over the weekend. I hear Opera Gardens on Sundays is nice.

All White Crowd


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