Loews Hotel


It felt like a scene from “Sex in the City.” The streets were busy, the air was cool and crisp and fashionably dressed people were pacing the sidewalk to get into the night’s most artful events.

It was the Hebru Brantley Penny Candy event hosted by Allways Open Creative and Loews Hotel. The event took place Friday night on the C floor of the Loews Hotel on Peachtree St.

Viewing for the display began at 7pm and by 8 the line stretched from the room entrance all the way to the back elevators. This by far was one of the most popular events of the night.

Hebru Brantley is a nationally recognized artist whose works depicts much of his 1980’s upbringing. He currently resides in Chicago, but has close ties to Atlanta. The artist earned his B.A. in film from Clark Atlanta University. His work tackles both political and social issues, with a child’s eye. Friday night exhibit was a reflection both of his artistic genuis and Atlanta’s of upscale interest.

Although unfamiliar with the artist’s work, I quickly became intriqued with the unique blend of comic book heros, afrocentricity and exaggerated expressions. I didn’t see one piece that didn’t catch my eye. I wasn’t the only one. In a very social setting, I noticed people pausing and taking pictures of the work. I took a few myself.

Hebru Brantley photo 1

The atmosphere was great. It was the type of event the city needs aside from it’s popular bar and club scene. I stayed for a good while. The music was great and the people were buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.

Afterwards we headed downstairs to the hotel Lobby which is the perfect scene for a few cocktails and cathching up with one of youre favorite girlfriends. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would be proud.

Hebru Brantley photo 4


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