Kouture Lounge

Kouture Lounge Tiffany

Friday nights in Atlanta. It’s sort of a big deal.

One area that’s always alive with energy is 10/12 Street near Peachtree. This area has three of the cities most popular nightclubs all within walking distance of one another, two side by side. So it’s no wonder that one any given Friday, you can expect to see people piling in line to party.

There’s the clubs and then there’s Kouture Lounge.

Kouture Lounge 2

Formerly Leopard Lounge and then Fins restaurant, Kouture offers the same energy and music you’d find in your usual nightclub but with a much more laid back and mature atmosphere. Recently re-opened about two weeks ago, I decided to check it out for myself.

Kouture lounge is located at the corner of Crescent and 12th and is surrounded by other social spots like Luxe Lounge and Opera nightclub. It’s a great location because it’s also a block away from Vanquish and Opera.

Since it’s re-open, Kouture has been free entry for all. Friday my friends and I arrived a little after 11 and enjoyed the split level venue for a few hours. There’s the patio, the inside main room and the more posh lower level with white seats and flat screens. There are DJs in every room and surprisingly you don’t hear much of the same music repeatedly.

Kouture is open Thursday through Saturday and just recently opened its doors for a Monday night crowd. Alone, on a date or with a few friends this place is a good landing spot.

Friday with Friends


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