Bottle Bar photo

Bottle Bar

On Monday, Memorial Day, Atlanta found itself slowing down from the various events that took place all over the city. Most people spent the day relaxing with family and friends preparing their favorite grilled burgers and salads. Others lounged poolside or on a friend’s patio. After spending some time with friends at a cookout that evening, someone in the group asked, “Hey everyone, what’s next?”

Too relaxed to actually consider going to a nightclub, but energized enough to want to keep the night going, we decided to head in town to Buckhead’s Bottle Bar and Bistro.

Bottle Bar is nice establishment perfect for a friendly mixture of music, friends and chatter.

We arrived a little after 9pm. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the holiday weekend was ending and most people were either traveling or preparing for the work week. After noticing the laughing guests on the patio as we walked in and hearing the music at door, I could tell it was going to be a cool experience.

The vibe in Bottle Bar has always been welcoming. I’ve been for several events, from birthdays, holiday soirees and other socials. The two level building, with it’s curved bar, private dining room, patio and upstairs lounge always puts people in a perfect position to have a conversation. What’s not to love about that?

Last night wasn’t a party, but the DJ still played some upbeat tunes. After an hour or so we decided to go…somewhere where it was a party.

Bottle Bar

Dive Bar

After leaving Bottle Bar we walked over to a place called Dive Bar.

Apparently our next venture was only a block or two away. This was exciting for me since I’d never been.
On the way we passed by shops and boutiques along the perimeter of what used to be notorious for clubs, nightlife and tourist. “Buckhead” was known for years as Atlanta’s premiere destination for shopping, dining and partying. On this Memorial Day weekend, it was just a small group of us clicking the pavement being young and carefree.

As we approached Dive Bar, we looked at the parking lot which didn’t seem to have many cars. Oh…everyone else decided to walk as well.

Dive Bar was alive with lights, people, aroma and music.

The scene reminded me of something similar to what you would see in South Beach. Slick hair, bathing suits, tank tops and cargo shorts. I was a little overdressed. The grill and the blow up pool, however did cause for humorous pause. I loved it, and we hadn’t even stepped inside.

Inside was more of what you’d expect a bar to resemble. A wide walking path, selective beers, flat screen televisions and a raised stage for the DJ. Teknology was spinning that night and his mix of pop, techno and party music was just as hot as his mixes he does at Scenario on Sunday nights. https://seenatl.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/whats-the-scenario/

Dive Bar was a great end to the weekend and a fun twist to regular Monday night routine.

Leaving Bottle Bar


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