Funk Fest 2013


Funk Fest 2013

This weekend was filled with lots of great events! I was fortunate enough to attend most of them.

My weekend actually began on Saturday at Clayton County International Parke for Funk Fest Atlanta.

I’d been looking forward to this event for awhile. I’d heard about the show the previous weekend in Jacksonville and was excited about the reviews from family and friends.

The performers for the Atlanta show included Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Bell Biv Devoe, Rakim and R. Kelly. I was excited and had family in town for the weekend, so I was really looking forward to having a good time.

Everything started off well. You know something major is happening when traffic starts to pile up miles away from where an event is being held. Doors opened and 3 that afternoon, but by 6 o’clock that evening people were still piling in.

My family and I decided to park off site grounds in one of properties near the park. The walk wasn’t too bad, but it was a relief when we noticed shuttles taking atttendees to the main area.

As we approached the main entry we were greeted with tunes from Lisa Lisa. She sounded preyty good and went on just as people were really getting adjusted. Next up was Troope who really did a good job of warming the crowd.

BBD, Rakim and R. Kelly were the main attractions. You can learn more about the Funk Fest 2013 here:

wnfa 2013

WNFA 2013

The Walk Now for Autism event was a huge sucess! This year’s team raised a total of $1415.00!

It was a soggy start. By 8:30 I’d received an alert on my phone indicating a hazardous flood warning in the area. Kick off for the walk started at 9:40. I wondered to myself if the event was going to be cancelled.

When a friend sent the message to me via text “Walk will be held rain or Shine, according to official site” I said to myself I better hurry.

I arrived just in time to meet a few of my teammates. We’ve been Team Jason Brookins for 3 years in a row. This year though we managed to come up with a theme and so we said we were “J-walking for Autism”

This annual event draws in hundreds of families and organization somehow impacted by autism. It also raises thousands of dollars which go towards the reseach for a cause and a cure for autism.

The rain may have prevented some people from coming out, but it was moving to see the commitment of those who still walked, “Rain or Shine” Many wore ponchos, others carried umbrellas and even a few walked without any covering, just to show there dedication. It was very moving to see.

This year’s event was held at Atlantic Station.

I was proud of my team for also walking. We had over 30 people walk with us. Find out how you can get involved here:

Thank you to all of those who made this year’s team a huge success.


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