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For two months I’ve been changing my identity like an undercover agent working on a covert operation. I would walk up to friends with outstretched arms and in return get blank stares. They barely recognized me. One week I was sporting a short Halle Berry cut and the next week I had hair draped on my back like Rapunzel. People thought I was going through some things and in a sense, maybe I was.

If you’ve been following my blog, then maybe you’ll understand. If you haven’t then you should. Still, I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed.

Recently I made the BIG CHOP. I cut off all my hair, the relaxed parts of it that is. I like the phrase the “BIG CHOP” but my hair was never really that long to begin with. It was a sassy short cut which I’d loved for years. It was my signature look. However, I started wondering if my hair was a true reflection of my inner self.

Now don’t keep me wrong, I love being a “hair chameleon” as a friend of mine graciously described me to be, but for me it was much deeper than that. My entire world is changing. I’ve transitioned from being a writer to pursuing acting. I’ve expanded my friendship circle. I’ve changed my eating habits and most recently, my hair.

Why? Oh, I’ll explain later, but let me tell you about my “BIG CHOP” reveal last Friday at another popular spot in Atlanta, Bar One.

Jami and Tiff


Friday night. It’s infamous.

A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and it was raining in the city. For once I didn’t mind. I was “natural” hair don’t care and excited to be joining the celebration.

Bar One is this sleek lounge that sits between East Atlanta and downtown on Memorial Drive. It’s a pretty cool establishment great for conversations and cocktails, happy hours and late night parties. That night I was there for the latter.

Parking is pretty simple. The earlier you are the better. Otherwise you’ll be parking in neighboring communities. (Am I the only one who feels bad when you have to park your car in front of a stranger’s home to go party at another location? Oh well. That’s a real estate issue.)

There was no entry fee that night, which is rare especially when you haven’t RSVP’d on anyone’s list. Walking inside I could see the crowded room with the white leather sofas and chairs to the left, exclusively for VIP.

As I looked around mostly everyone was dressed stylishly chic (women) and conservatively cool (men). Think jeans, collared shirts and blazers for the fellas and glam dresses and chic tops for the ladies. It was definitely a nice crowd. The music was fantastic, a perfect mix of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B kept me on my toes for most of the night.

My friend screamed when she saw me. “You cut your hair! It’s beautiful!” Awe, thanks Jamie! Happy Birthday to you friend

Circa day party

and Barely Standing.

So…it never stopped raining. I saw a post on Facebook that read, “I just passed by Noah and his Ark.” Needless to say, it was a very wet weekend.

But it was Cinco De Mayo weekend and everyone wanted to celebrate, drizzle, rain or floods!

So can you guess where I ended up on Sunday? You said it, Café Circa. Do you remember a recent blog about the day parties? If not, you can see it here:

I’ve been a little late to join in on the Sunday day parties, so since it was raining I wanted to go somewhere I was sure of rather than be disappointed and have to travel somewhere else. So, of course I went to Circa.

It was standing room only. Normally, when step inside, the bar is to your left, the tables are center and the booths are to your right. However on this particular Sunday, I couldn’t see the tables. They were there, but the place was full.

It was still a fun crowd! Everyone was in good spirits! I ran into a lot of friends from work and college and even had the chance to meet a few new people. It was obvious that the rain may have dampened our ability to party on the rooftop but it in no way interfered with the festivities inside. So I’ve officially tried Circa on every night except a Saturday and a Monday night. I expect that will change soon.

Until next time…

Bar One


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