A cool night

Sheen 2

Sheen Magazine launch

I know. A few weeks ago, I blogged about how I was switching industries, letting go of my journalistic roots and pursuing a career in Entertainment. So why was I at a magazine launch? For a moment, I asked myself the same thing, but then I remembered as child how I was always so enlightened and inspired by flipping through the pages of my favorite teen mag. So although I may be putting my journalistic hat aside for awhile, I’m always willing to pull it out for a nice night out on the town.

Nice indeed. A full moon and a cool breeze made the perfect setting for Thursday night’s affair. The release was held on the rooftop of Cafe Circa. Stepping inside the two-story venue, I could see images of Sheen magazine placed strategically inside the establishment. I took a seat at the bar before heading upstairs, not sure if the crowd downstairs was there for the event as well. To my surprise the crowd downstairs had nothing to do with the crowd upstairs. The band piqued my interest but I wanted to at least take quick moment to see the new magazine.

Sheen magazine is an urban upscale magazine. Its issue date back to last year, but will appear on shelves this month. Celebrity covers include actresses, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tiki Sumpter and songstress Estelle. I took a skim through. The articles seemed interesting enough. It was a nice event and everyone seemed very excited. http://www.sheenmagazine.com/

Tiki Sumpter 2

Thicker Than Water

“You can’t force it.”

I learned an important lesson last night, and that was the reality that some things can’t be forced. I came across then realization when the Dj asked everyone to take a moment to mix, mingle and meet someone new. I declined. Instead I made my back downstairs to get a good listen to the band that grabbed by attention when I first walked in.
I believe Josh Bias and the 360 band have some competition…

Live music isn’t a rarity here in Atlanta. Most recently I’ve come to love some local bands more than I love listening to today’s pop artist. I mentioned one of my favorite groups earlier. Another is Quinn and Jukebox. You can see them Friday nights at Vanquish. Both put on great performances.

I spotted an empty chair near the stage and quickly took my seat. I counted four band members and a lead singer. Smooth selections for the evening include tracks by Miquel, John Legend and Carl Thomas. I loved how the band put their unique spin on each song. Soulful, eclectic and rhythmic…and before long, I was lost in the groove and so was everyone else. It was great vibe.

Everything was going nice until an “unamed” beauty took to the stage in a fitted neon dress and tall black pumps. Everyone noticed her but when she began singing, Beyonce’s 2+2, the crowd stood up to cheer her on. A wonderful night out, time to head home.

Lynette 2


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