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Madame You 1

“Help! I’m in the ‘in between stage’ of going natural and I don’t know what to do.”

Women and our hair…

One day while I was on Facebook, I came across a friend’s status update. It was the one above. I wanted to help her, but I didn’t know much about hair care. Now, if she needed a hair stylist I could have referred to a number of people, but what she was doing was a little more intricate than that. She was doing what many women of color decide to do at some point during their hair journey, to stop using chemicals to straighten their hair.

I asked her if she would mind if I shared her status with my network of friends, many of whom had gone ‘natural’ themselves. She consented and that led to a full-day conversation right on my Facebook page. (Awe, my love for social media) Friends of mine chimed in offering styling tips, beauty products, links to tutorials on YouTube and personal advices as simple as, “Just be patient.” I felt like a champion! It wasn’t because I had the answer for her – I didn’t. I felt like a champion because I played a part in helping her get connected with a lot of women who did.

Well, that was almost a year ago and now there’s a new creation approaching that will assist in revolutionizing the way women approach hair care. It’s called…

Madame You

Madame You 2

Last Friday I attended the Madame You launch which took place at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel. It was a very nice event.

The launch was to introduce Madame You, a social network for hair and beauty. In the company’s own words, it’s a social space for women of color to connect with hair guru’s and each other.

Well, isn’t this great! Instead of feeling helpless, scanning through hair magazines or paying for a hair consultation, women will be able to get the hair solutions they need in order to find the perfect equation that works for them. Genius!

The event was great for networking and socializing. I ran into quite a few interesting people specializing in everything from fashion, film, hair care (of course) and technology. The tech world is constantly on the rise and the way we’re communicating and interacting is forever being redefined.

I was impressed with the women behind the vision and creation of Madame You, a group of young, female entrepreneurs with educational backgrounds in computer science and chemical engineering. And what else do they have in common? The have the experience of being frustrated with their hair and wanting to help themselves and other women find approachable solutions. What better way to find that, than to take a seat in front of your laptop or pull out your phone and connect with a social outlet created just for us. Want to know more? Visit Madame You’s website at


Love hair, but not convinced that cyberspace is the place for you?

Well, awhile back I blogged about a musical talent friend of mine, Linda Pearl. I’d just left filming on the set of a new comedy featuring Gabrielle Union, “Being Mary Jane” and I was headed to another location to for Linda’s video, “Natural” You can read more about that post here:

Well, looks like I’m going to be supporting my friend again in the World Natural Hair and Beauty show which takes place at the Georgia International Convention Center on April 27-28. I’m really looking forward to the event and so should anyone who’s interested or may have an interest in natural hair care and beauty.

Look, I’m not saying I’m doing away with the relaxed hair. I’m saying the more you know about other options, the more you may reconsider the one you currently using. Can I get a “Amen” (crickets, lol)

Atlanta is known for many things, nightlife, food, film and of course, HAIR…So, I’m looking forward to this event. There’s a pre-party (of course) with tunes provided by DJ Teknology which is going to be at Tongue and Groove Friday, April 26. I can see it’s going to be a pretty busy weekend for me.

Hair Show

In the meantime, Linda is one of the top four finalist for the 2014 World’s Next Top Natural Hair Model. I’m hoping she wins. You can show your support for Linda, see and learn about the latest trends and products in natural hair, or just hang out with me by registering to attend the event here: I’m hope to see you there!

Hey! Don’t forget! It’s Tuesday people! Cheers!


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