Destination Circa

Cafe Circa 1

“Where to go on Tuesday?”

That was the message via text that a girlfriend of mine sent me after a full day’s work. It was Tuesday and she was looking for something to do. I suggested a few things…”I’m not a jazz chic and I’m definitely not in the poetry mood,” but none of them seemed to interest her.

Finally, I suggested, “Maybe Café Circa” to which she replied, “Ok. Are you in?”

Café Circa has a good reputation. Ask anyone who’s been and you’ll want to go.

The following week this particular friend and I agreed to meet at Circa for “Cheers” Tuesday. The event had been going on at another local bar but decided to move the location a bit further in town.

Café Circa is located right off of Edgewood Ave, just minutes away from downtown Atlanta and a block away from historical Auburn Ave. If you ask me, it was a pretty good move. The Edgewood block offers a nice mix options for diverse/upscale crowds, so chances of you finding somewhere to have a good time are definitely in your favor.

We ended up meeting a little after 9 (Doors open at 8) and the experience was definitely a good one. (I’ve been almost every week since). What’s to love is that the atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming. Selected tunes (provided DJ E-Clazz) keep the crowd upbeat and lively.

It’s a perfect spot for flirting, chatting with friends and posting some pictures on Instagram.

cafe circa 2

Late night?

In a previous post, I blogged about another event that takes place at Café Circa known as the “Breakfast Club” You can read that post here: It was one of those Fridays when you just didn’t want the night to end. We wanted somewhere nearby to finish our Friday night but we also wanted to go somewhere nice. Most importantly we wanted something to EAT.

I’m not going to spoil the read, but I will add this. Later on I found out that Alex, one my friends with me that night had ordered the steak and eggs and she bragged about how good it was, even after saming some for later that evening. Now that’s good eating.

What I also loved was that it wasn’t overly crowed for an after hours spot. Remember how you used to go to the Waffle House after a night out (or IHOP or Denny’s) and the wait would be long and you never knew what type of people would walk through the door. Well, you don’t have to worry at Café Circa. Their “Breakfast Club” special offered a classic menu, with the usual “No Cover. No line. Good people. Good Music” guarantee that the restaurant offers time and time again.

So if Tuesday is too early in the week for you to step out and the weekend is more of your thing then don’t hesitate to drive on over to Edgewood for a relaxing end to a hopefully entertaining Friday/Saturday night.

Cafe Circa 3

The Return of the Day Party

Okay, so if neither of the two previous options worked for you, then this one is probably perfect.

It’s the Day Party on Sundays. The majority of my friends love the day parties. It’s not the club. It’s a classy affair that I can almost guarantee you’ll love. However, all day parties are not created equal. Keep that in mine as the weather gets warmer and you begin to hear about other day parties across the cities.

Actually, the very first time I went to Café Circa was for a day party. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was wearing maxi dress and rocking a short cut. I needed to be in a place where I could lean in for a nice conversation, get noticed for my classiness (instead of being overlooked) and possibly have a nice meal at the same time. When I arrived at Circa, it was all of that with a few bonuses.

Day parties are special in the city and what I love about Circa’s day parties is that you have the option of being on the rooftop lounging in patio chairs or being seated downstairs while a live band plays soulful melodies. Add a refeshing salad or sexy Manhattan (Circa has some of the best bartenders in the city) and your Sunday afternoon couldn’t be better.

Just a quick note. Sundays usually draw larger crowds, so you do want to get there a little early.

Overall, Café Circa has you covered.

Dress nice. There’s always someone special there.

Cafe Circa 4


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