Industry Switch?

In life, we should often expect the unexpected. At least, I do. – Sapphire

On Set

Do you remember growing up and knowing exactly who or what you wanted to be? You would stand in front of the mirror for hours perfecting your pursed lips in order to resemble the women you saw in the magazine with hopes of one day becoming a super model. Or, you’d sneak around the house mysteriously playing detective, inspired by the “Sherlock Holmes” character believing one day you’d become the best crime solver there is. Or perhaps, music was your thing and whenever you watched your father broadcasting live from the studio, you knew that one day, you’d become a DJ. Whatever “it” was, you knew exactly what you wanted to be.

So, how’s that coming along?

As for me, my “plan” was not as defined. No one ever posed the question to me at an early age, “What is it you want to be?” and I was always too busy living in the moment to really consider the type of profession I would take on as a young adult. So when I began writing for my high school newspaper, it seemed I’d stumbled across a new talent, one that could open the door to a very interesting and rewarding career. The only problem, I was never quite sure if being a “Journalist” was a perfect fit. Here I am now in my “second act” considering an industry switch.

Follow along for an exciting ride people.



Last fall I came across an ad looking for background extras for the popular television series, “The Game” I had no idea if I’d be chosen or not, but I had a few professional pictures already done that I used for promoting my first book, “Supreme Hustle” After a quick, “Why not?” I submitted my photo along with a few other requirements. Shortly afterwards I received a call saying, “Be on set at 2 pm and be prepared to stay awhile.”

After that one experience I realized something. I was bored. My life up until then as I knew it was boring me. I tried corporate. I tried independent sales. I tried enterprise, but it all left me unfulfilled. Although there were parts of it that I’d succeeded in very well, there were also parts where I failed miserably. Routine and redundancy were two cousins on my family tree that I preferred to be less acquainted with. We all have those “types” of family members. It wasn’t until that first “Game” experience that I became reacquainted with my cousins on the “Living” side. Let me introduce you to “Unexpected” and “Fearless”

Since the I’ve been on five sets for several different networks with various casting agencies and I can promise you that it’s been quite the adventure. Although I consider myself to be fairly outgoing, I realize that even I had shell trappings layering me. Taping into a new industry was forcing me to (dare I say it) Change.

Get Connected Mixer

Prepare for a Shift

Last night I attended the Get Connected entertainment industry networking event. Suggested by another extra I’d met while on set, I figured it would be good to rub shoulders with other people in the entertainment industry.

Totally blown away.

When I pulled up to the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center, my mouth slightly dropped. Was there a concert also going on? A celebrity speaker? Surely, I was not parking along the street for a networking function…Oh but I was. This was another “Unexpected” moment but “Fearless” stepped in and said, “Come on girl. Let’s make moves.”

Honestly, I was completely unprepared. I had my fancy little business cards that were impressing at other functions, but completely outdated for this type of event. When I walked over to one of the casting agency booths, the representative looked at me for a moment and then asked for my head shot and resume. “Oh…” Moving right along…

At one moment I thought I was going to faint. It was all so overwhelming. The cameras were flashing, people where talking in what seemed to be exaggerrated vocals. The pros (I assume but I don’t know) in the building moving with intense speed and direction. They knew what they wanted and they appeared to be on a serious mission.

I found solace watching one of the short films being featured at the event. I even ran into a few familiar faces eventually. I believe that I just may have stumbled into something New…

Get Connected


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    1. Thank you for reading! I am hoping the same. I look forward to sharing more and reading your comments. Wishing you the best this week. Stay positive. It’s contagious 😉

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