Ready, Set, ACTION

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I knew there was a reason I traveled with a suitcase in the trunk of my car. People used to always tease me about it, but now it’s become very clear. I was just preparing for greater things to come.

This past week, I’ve been partaking in new adventures! I’ve been trying my hand at acting and it’s been a lot of fun!

My first experience was on the set of “Being Mary Jane” with Gabrielle Union. The show is set to air on BET in the fall. When I received the phone call that they were casting for extras and wanted to know if I was available, my immediate response was, “Yes!”

They required I come to the set with several wardrobe selections as the scene they were shooting was a very upscale bar scene. I was too excited! I’d just purchased a fancy red dress and this was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to show it off. All I had to do now was show up!

I arrived at the meeting location around 2 p.m. with a few others and after a quick wait we took a shuttle over to the Georgian Terrace hotel located in Midtown.

I was on set for about 6-7 hours. In between shootings I met a few great people and caught a peep at actor Darrin Henson (Stomp the Yard). He’s quite handsome. When the director yelled, “That’s a wrap!” I signed for my check, “Tiffany Pitts.” Thank you, and good night!

She’s a Natural

A Lady named Pearl

My next shoot was with a friend I met during my college years. Her name is Linda, but artistally she’s known as “A Lady named Pearl.” Linda decided a that corporate life wasn’t for her and instead decided to persue her passion in music.

She sent out an invitation to be apart of her music video, “Natural” and of course I was willing to support. Linda’s been there for me when I needed her and it was only neccessary that I return the favor. Besides, I thought it would be fun…

Until I realized I was the only person on set who didn’t have “natural” hair. Really, Tiffany? How could I have missed that? Watching “Pearl” and her dancers prepare for the video shoot a sight to see! There were two dancers whose moves were spontanous, accurate, enegetic and downright sexy at times. I could hardly keep my eyes off them, just seeing them in their element was a thrill.

When the camera went to Pearl, she went from being my friend I met into college, into a bold singer rapping a message to women about being confident in their own skin and hair without the superficial pieces. I felt so proud of her and was impressed with her professionalism.

Then came the fun part!

We were shot dancing in the video and to see the crowd break into a groove was the BEST part of the night! I can’t wait to share the video! Great work Linda! Keep it up!

Open Call

Open call photo

So a friend of mine gave me a tip about an audition for a casting agency here in Atlanta. I figured I better ride this wave while I had the chance. Besides, I was having a ball, meeting new people, being behind the scenes and watching how “ideas” come to life.

When I read the requirements for the audition, it said that they were looking for “blue collar workers” and I thought to myself, “What should I wear?”

I went as simple as I could. The open call was from noon to 3, so when I arrived around 2, I assumed I would be able to get in and get out. Negative.

There were over 200+ people in line ahead of me. The problem was I had confused what I read. It wasn’t a casting call, it was an open call. So people came from everywhere. The joke was that I was probably the only person dressed “blue collar.” Most people were either very average or very dressed up. “Great. Just great.” I was tempted to change into something more, “Tiffany” but I didn’t want to lose my place in line.

The great thing is I was able to meet the casting director and get into their data base. They did all the work for me. All I did was show up. As a result, you all may be seeing a lot more of me on screen. Next up, I really need some skills. What do you think about me bartending?…


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