“Grits Please”

Vanquish Crowd Shot

I live for Friday nights in Atlanta. That’s when the streets are busy, the energy is alive and people are excited about gathering their favorite group of friends for a fantastic night of fun. Everyone has that “place” where they love to go and for me one of my favorite spots to go on a Friday night is Vanquish lounge.

Vanquish has a lot to offer on a Friday including, happy hour, live music, food, a DJ and an attractive mix of young professionals, party goers, and tourists. It’s all about choosing the perfect arrival time.

Feel like unwinding after work? Well, arrive at Vanquish for their happy hour and you’ll be just in time for drink specials and appetizers. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on the turnout. Unfortunately, I’ve never made it in time for happy hour which starts at 7, but I have been able to catch the live band. This is actually my favorite part of the evening.

The band does an awesome performance each week with a mix of soul, old school, rap and reggae. The lead singer is amazing with his ability to flow between genres with ease and energy. Afterwards, the crowd is full swing and ready to party and that’s when the DJ takes the stage and we dance until the doors close. Vanquish has a fully stocked bar, lots of space, cushioned seats and VIP sections for just about any type of celebration. Dress nice and bring a $20 bill for parking.

Cafe Circa breakfast

After Vanquish it was time to call it a night. Or, was it? Well, if you were like my friends and I this past weekend, then the answer to that would be, “No.” Instead of going home we decided to head over to Cafe Circa located on Edgewood Ave, near historical Auburn Ave.

Circa, known for a more sophisticated crowd is another Friday evening option for many socials in the city. Step inside and you’ll be impressed with the elegant atmosphere and modern furnishings. My experience here and has always been one of engaging conversation, good food and impressive performances from various bands and singers throughout the night.

Recently Circa started “The Breakfast Club.” So from 2am – 5am they offer a selection of breakfast combinations favorites, like chicken and waffles, steak and eggs and mimosas and pancakes. I can predict that you weren’t ready for that last one. Well, the mimosas are complimentary and it’s a unique twist and a little more intriguing than what the typical breakfast venues have to offer.

My friends and I enjoyed everything. I kept it simple with bacon and eggs (cage free). My favorite part was that the cool vibe to the place, lots of chatter without the crowd. And having a dj playing the music was a lot better the the juke box at another popular breakfast venue. Circa offer the perfect happy ending to a Friday night & Saturday morning mix.

Front Page New.Crab Cakes

I’ve been searching for a place that has a good brunch menu. I’d heard of a few restaurants, but when a friend suggested a venue off of Moreland Ave. heading towards East Atlanta, I agreed to meet him there (Since I’d be heading home afterwards, it was the perfect location.)

I almost missed sign for the building. I was paying attention to the carefree traffic of people going to and fro along the sidewalk. Ah, I knew where I was. I wasn’t far from where I was last weekend when I came to hear Dwele speak and when I visited a pub a few blocks away. Obviously, this was quickly become one of my favorite areas in the city.

Parking for Front Page News posed a bit of a dilemma. The garage behind the venue didn’t offer a whole lot of spaces, but I did grab a spot along the street for a brisk walk becoming the same type of person I’d just seen while driving.

Inside was a relaxed crowd that gave me a true southern hospitality feel. Think downtown Savannah if you’ve ever been.

The venue itself is pretty large with high walls, a patio, bar and 2 inside dining areas that offer large flat screens throughout.

I chose the crab cakes with grits and it was delicious! There’s nothing like a good bowl of warm, creamy grits and Front Page News hit the spot for me. With such delicious options, I suppose I’ll be visiting again very soon.


2 thoughts on ““Grits Please”

  1. Great write up! One of my favorite brunch spots is Sun In My Belly in Kirkwood. Their spicy shrimp n grits make my soul wanna run on and see what the end is gonna be!

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