This Chic Tour Rocked!

Chic Boutique Tour

I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I had never heard of it before, but that only piqued my interest. The invitation read, “Chic Boutique Tour’s: Fall into Fashion Tour” and I thought to myself, “This sounds fun”

Several times a year a group of women, some young, some wise gather together for a shopping experience unlike most. Instead of grabbing their keys and heading to the malls or moving the mouse around on the computer screen, these ladies meet at a designated location to tour some of the city’s most trendy boutiques and it’s all apart of the Chic Boutique Tour.

The idea sounded great to me. I love to shop, so there wasn’t much persuading there. I just wasn’t prepared for the fabulous fun that came with it. The only thing I had to do was show up.

My day was already planned for me. When I arrived at “Location 1” I was greeted at the door and then asked to step on the Red Capet for a quick photo. Afterwards I was given a nice bag with a few goodies inside and my itinerary for the day. Looking down I saw that we were scheduled to visit 4 boutiques. Okay, time to shop, but not after I take another shot!

Speaking of shots…cocktails, beverages and appetizers were provided! I learned that shortly after I walked in. Bartenders were serving us drinks of Hpnotiq while we perused through racks of season trends and sale items.  I went on the venture alone, but there were plenty of women to keep me company. I didn’t do much shopping at the first location, but I did do much of this.

I bet you’re wondering how I was going to get to the next location. This is where Chic Boutique Tour came in. We were not only provided food and drinks but transportation was also included.  About 50 ladies gathered in front of a charter bus. Yes, a bus! I couldn’t believe it. So here it is I’m drinking, I’m eating, I’m shopping (sort of) AND I don’t have to deal with the city traffic. Oh, who thought of this again? She did…

On board, creator Rosalyn greets us and prepares of for our day. We’re going to make 4 more stops, including lunch, and as we’re heading to and from, we’ll also have a chance to win raffle prizes. I was in Diva heaven.  “So sit back, keep drinking and enjoy the movie.” Movie?!?

I had a great time.  During each stop I had the opportunity to meet and interact with women from various backgrounds but who all loved to shop and explore. Some had been on previous tours and each person recommended that I come again for the next one. Although I did buy some pretty fabulous items, the best thing about it all was for the day, I had a chance to unwind. I even finished a book on the bus! I’m glad that someone thought that treating women to a day of fun and fashion was worth it!


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