ONE MusicFest 2012


Well, what can I say…it was HOT. I mean it was scorching! It took me a few hours to realize that the next time I come to an event like it, I will either come later, or I’ll get there earlier so I can reserve my spot in the shade. However, the heat outside didn’t compare to the heat onstage and that’s what I enjoyed most about my experience at this year’s ONE MusicFest.

The event happens annually here in Atlanta and this happened to be my first time going. I figured what a better way to spend the weekend than gathering a few of your friends for an outdoor concert with various artists of different genres. It was an opportunity to explore my musical interests, kick it with the girls and frolic freely in front of hundreds of other music lovers.

And that’s exactly what I did.

On stage, artists Eric Roberson and Marsha Ambrosius serenaded a relaxed crowd. These were the people who were there early and/or on time. It depends on your perspective. My friends and I could hear Eric winding down as we entered the Masquerade Music Park. Eric really knows how to put on a show. Good thing I’d seen him before. A little while afterwards, Marsha took the stage with her sultry lyrics admitting that most of her music was inspired by love making, “These songs don’t write themselves,” she said openly and the crowd laughed in secretive agreement as if to say, “I know that’s right!”

But it wasn’t until Big Krit began to perform that I made my way to the stage. My friend and I decided it was just too hot to sit in one spot, so instead we walked around, took a minute to eat and paused long enough to kiss and hug familiar faces. It was great to just reconnect and run into people!

Big Krit, with his southern sound and grimy lyrics really got the crowd warmed up. People were bouncing and quoting his rhymes enthuisiastically. The energy was building with anticipation for the acts that were to follow. I was bouncing as well, but when Santigold took the stage, my body went from a slight bounce to a hip-winding graze that only Santigold could create.

Now let’s be real. I had never even heard of this woman. Maybe you have, but when she took the stage, she had my attention immediately. She had a shock factor of Nikki Minaj with her wardrobe ensemble, but a smile that let you know, she wasn’t trying to scare you, she was here to entertain you. And that she did! I felt she put on a great performance. At some point I looked around (at the now crowded park) and most everyone was on their feet. The highlight for me was when she invited people on stage and like a crush-crazed teenager, my friends and I hopped on stage as if it were The Jackson 5, Bruce Springsteen, or some other intoxicating performer asking us to come join them. It was exhilarating, especially when the lights hit us and everyone just started jumping up and down and dancing. I though I was going to die from such fun. Afterwards my friends and I were dazed with excitement.

But do you want to know who had EVERYBODY on their feet? Well, what’s a music fest without HIP HOP? And what’s HIP HOP with out some of the greatest rappers, lyricists, beat boxers and trailblazers of all time! People, when Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte and Slick Rick hit the stage, you would have thought someone had just dropped down from space! Man the crowd went bananas and any bit of energy I had left was gone by the time they finished.

They all brought it! MC Lyte was my favorite, a true inspiration for women. She was smooth, confident and never missed a beat with the fellas. Big Daddy Kane was proving to us that age was just a number. Baby, he was winding and grooving and jumping…I was tired just watching him. Surely, this man reminded me of what it was like to go to a show and be entertained. But you weren’t dazzled until you saw the bona-fide, jewelry dangling, diamond dripping Slick Rick take the stage. In a slowed down delivery of “La Di Da Di” fans quoted the words perfectly. Even I, who’s not the best at remembering lines, rapped every word and even thought for a moment that maybe I should consider becoming a rapper myself….so I digress…And who can beat box better than Doug E Fresh! Doug E and the drummer had it out in an attempt to see who could bring the better beat…and honestly the drummer couldn’t duplicate or keep up with Doug E’s natural disposition for rhythm. At one point the crowd began chanting “Doug E, Doug E” and then in a youthful move later on, he actually pulled out one of his oh so fresh moves, imitating the popular “dougie” dance that so many of love! (at least I do)

So that was that. There were crab legs, glow sticks, prize give-a-ways, bull riding, free t-shirts, celebrity sightings and lots of dancing. What I’m trying to say, there was something for everyone. It was a great experience. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year!

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6 thoughts on “ONE MusicFest 2012

  1. YOU all look like you had a BLAST!!! Certainly one of Atlanta’s hottest events! Your description makes me want to go next year! I’ll have a water mister and all! _ LOL

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