Amnesia, Do♪ feed different results

It’s Wednesday, better known as “hump” day. In just a few more days many of you will be making weekend plans and often those plans include finding a place to eat! Who doesn’t love to eat? Atlanta and all of it’s surrounding counties offer plenty of dining options. Here’s my take on a couple.

Amnesia worth forgetting

Amnesia Club and Lounge is located about 20 minutes outside of downtown Atlanta. On Fridays, they offer an open wing bar and $4 martinis for anyone who makes it to the restaurant between 6-9 for their after work specials. You can rush over if you want, but don’t bother. The wing bar is a selection of barbeque, spicy, lemon pepper and buffalo style wings about the size fulfilling enough for a 2 year old. They are served in heated trays but are picked over pretty quickly and take too long to get filled back up. If you eat too many, you’ll choke because water isn’t free. A bottled water costs you $4 and so does each refill on Coke beverages. The venue is nice but if you go, you may want to try ordering from the menu.

Do (dough) serves good pizza, good sounds

Thinking pizza? Then Do (dough) at the View is a good bet. This restaurant combines technology and taste for music and pizza lovers. You may have a hard time deciding from the musically titled menu options. I like the “‘Composition” a blend of pepperoni, sausage, fresh veggies and blended cheeses! I warmly greeted the  gooey sensation and then was gone in about 15 minutes. It taste just as good as it looks! Also try their desert. I recommend “Symphony” a must have for red velvet cake fans like myself. Learn more about Do at

So whether it’s wing night or a pizza date, at least you know where and where NOT to go!


4 thoughts on “Amnesia, Do♪ feed different results

  1. Hey Tiff,
    I have been traveling for work but when I get back to Atlanta we are going on a chick date. We can hopefully catch-up aboutt our lives. btw/Love ur blogs!

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