Whiskey…Showers and “Luna”tics

Whew! What a weekend! I got a little bit of everything I love, a night out on the town, a nice day with my son, great music and good weather! The only thing missing was great food, although I did hit up a new spot over the weekend. I’ll have to come back to that in another blog. Let’s start with Friday night!
Friday night was a cool night. I mean that literally. It was the chilliest night of the weekend. I was wearing a dress made for summer and some glamorous sequined heels. Good thing I brought my jean jacket which is my way of combining classy with cool. My friends and I started our night at the restaurant I mentioned earlier. At around 7:30 we met up for food and drinks before heading out for the night. After a few laughs and a lot of conversation, we headed to the W Atlanta in Midtown to check out their upscale bar and lounge “Whiskey Park” We arrived around 10, which I’ll tell you now is too early. Going in, we were asked for our ID and reservation about 3 times. I thought it was a bit much, but clearly the establishment wants the “right” type of people inside, by “right” I mean connected to someone who has the authority to say, “They’re okay” Luckily, we had two names that had RSVP’d us on their list. After about 3 check ins, a stroll up two fights of stairs and a final entry past the velvet rope, we landed inside a beautifully laid out lounge, with stylish decor, a sexy crew of bartenders and a bar suitable for its name. The crowd started arriving around 10:30. In the meantime, my friend and I enjoyed an eclectic mix of pop, techno and electro pop playing in the background as we snapped photos of ourselves and posted them on our twitter pages. (You can follow me @sheformant) Gwen Stefani, Prince and Rihanna were in rotation for the first part of the night. Once the crowd started to thicken the music rolled over into hip-hop artists like Wale, M.I.A. and the Gorillaz. The crowd wasn’t bad at all. They were stylish, young urban socialites in the makings. Most looked somewhere between 21-29. The lounge is a great place to go if you want to dress up for the night. The ladies came wearing tuxedo jackets, frilly dresses, skin tight skirts and my favorite, leopard anything. There was one common accessory – The Fendi bag. (Note to self) Guys varied as well, but ladies be warned, most of the men were short and reminded me of Pharrell with their rolled up pants, plaid shirts and “smart” glasses. We left before we got kicked out. I’d definitely recommend the place if you haven’t been and even if you have, it’s still a cool place to just sit and unwind, if you can get in.
 On Saturday, I met with one of my friends from the previous night, but this time we brought along my energetic, ever-growing 5 year old. Our destination? The Atlanta Home Show at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Okay, I’ll admit, it’s definitely not how I usually spend my Saturday, but my friend had a spare ticket to the show and I knew after a few hours of circling floor and kitchen models, my active child would fall fast asleep once we got home. It took me less than 5 minutes to find exactly what I needed – a bed. My current mattress has had all the wear and tear it can take. I headed over to the Sleep Number display of beds to test them out. Turns out my sleep number is a 20. I’m a “mushy” girl. The associate was looking at me with a little concern as I kept saying ‘lower, lower, lower…” “Well, goodness, if I go any lower you’ll feel like you’re falling out the bed” Perfect. I entered a drawing to get a free mattress. We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed! The exhibit was a great alternative the usual. I also spotted Space Makers of America, a company that specializes in organizing closets and drawer space. How much simpler would my life would be if I had a stay-at-home personnel from their office working for me? Hmmm… The highlight of it all was a shower display that I simply fell in love with being that my favorite room in the house is the the bathroom. Oh, I could stay in there for hours (which I usually do!) My son decided to hop in the shower after I did and the poor thing didn’t realized he was walking into the glass when trying to exit. Don’t worry, he’s okay. We were able to perk him right back up when he saw the go carts on display. Check him out. We spent about a good two hours walking around and I realized two things…I have a passion for closets and I’m in desperate need of a pair of flat shoes. I had on heels the entire time…
 I think Sunday must have been my favorite day. After a pretty eventful weekend, I found myself at home, alone, with nothing to do. Since this was a rare occasion, I decided I needed to take advantage of it. I received a text message earlier inviting me to try out Loca Luna for their “Easy Sunday” event. Parking and admission was free, the weather was nice and I had a the perfect dress for the occasion. When I arrived, I was reminded of my college days whenever a big game took place. Traffic was bumper to bumper. People’s windows were up and driver’s were on the cell phones busy talking AND TEXTING! (Yea I said it.) I got a little discouraged because I didn’t want to be sitting in traffic at all. Have you seen the gas prices? Anyhow, that dreadful feeling didn’t last long. Apparently there’s a crew in place for Sunday’s crowd and just as I was considering going home, I was quickly being led to parking. Nice! Staying true the ad, I arrived at Loco Luna a little after 7, with free parking and free entry. The place was packed. Obviously I’d been missing out and the people really came to have a good time. I passed by groups with dinner tables reserved and dancers winding their bodies on the dance floor. Outside on the patio, ladies laughed as men approached them with drinks and compliments on their attire. It was a great atmosphere and this time the men were actually tall. I was bombarded by heavyweights as I maneuvered my way across the venue to see if I was going to have to make a new friend for the evening, being that all mine were home. Instead my attention went to the stage when I heard this wicked mix of Ceelo’s, “Crazy” coming from the speakers. I turned around to see a five member band belting out musical tunes and wowing the crowd with their skills. This young all male group is sickly talented. I was blown away by their infusion of pop, jazz and hip hop. Soon I found myself snapping pictures with my phone as if I was standing in front of one of my favorite artist. I didn’t know these boys, but they were awesome. Their version of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” had a the entire front dance area singing in unison….I guess I missed that part in my my text where it said, “Live Band” I’m kind of glad I did. It was a welcomed surprise. Later on I found out the name of the band was Josh Bias and The 630 Band. Check them out. Well, after that I considered my night complete. I think next time I go, I’ll call a friend. One thing is for sure…Summer is going to be in full effect!

3 thoughts on “Whiskey…Showers and “Luna”tics

  1. I’m so proud of you friend to see you blogging again! This is great and you are motivating me to start writing my Morsels! Keep it up 🙂 Love ya, Crecia

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