He says “Joey Digital Me”

Anyone who know me, knows I like to have a good time. I’m usually the first to suggest to my friends events, places and parties for us to attend on a Friday or Saturday night. I consider this to be my loving contribution to keep us smiling, laughing and of course entertained. I usually do a good job of this. I know because I always get an email, phone call or text asking, “What’s up? Where are we doing tonight?” As much as I’d like to take the credit for being such a “know it all” when it comes to events around the “A” I have to admit I have a little help – his name is “Joey”. Joey isn’t this cool app that I have on my iPad. Joey is this guy I met when I was in college working for the campus newspaper. I was the Lifestyles/Entertainment editor and he was co-founder of a company called DIGITALGUESTLIST – an online party list of the hottest events throughout college campuses in Tallahassee, Atlanta, DC and New York. That was then. Years later (we won’t say how many) Joey is still in the business of marketing and promoting events, but his vision has expanded beyond just college campuses. Somehow Joey and I were landed in the same city – again. I began seeing him everywhere, but not just at parties, but at networking events, concerts and of course happy hours. This wasn’t a social thing, for him, it’s his life. He believes in partying, but partying with a purpose. Thus, I became what’s known as “A Joey supporter” Whatever events he promotes, I spread the word to friends, family and even to out-of-towners. I do this because I trust his judgment. If he’s behind it, then I know there’s going to be good music, good people and ultimately a good time. There’s a lot that Joey does, but you’ll have to find out more about him yourself. Instead of having my friends come to me, I have them check out Joey’s events at http://www.joeydigital.me/good/This way they can get the same information I’m getting and I don’t have to send out several emails or text saying the same thing. So if you’re looking for something to do, Sunday through Sunday (I don’t think the guy takes a day off) check out the site, sign up and be in the “know” of things.


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