A Sweet Saturday Afternoon

So, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty sweet if you must know. That’s because Jason (my 4 year old son) and I spent Saturday at the Sweet Auburn Music Festival along Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue. So what inspired me to go? Well, the weather was absolutely beautiful and most importantly it was a free event. So, why not go? 

I decided to ride the Marta downtown. Jason loves riding the Marta and has grown pretty accustomed to it since we use it for most of our ventures into the Atlanta metro area. I get tickled every time we’re riding through the tunnels and he hides his head under my arm as if some mysterious monster is going to attack us. It’s the cutest reaction.

We got off at the King Memorial station, which sadly I haven’t taken the time to actually tour yet. Immediately when we approached our stop, I made a note to myself to come back. I don’t have much time either, it’s already getting cool. I guess I better hurry. 

Well, it wasn’t long before we ran into the crowd of people strolling along both sides of the street. I could hear music coming from the speakers, smell the aromas of grilled barbeque and see the children playing and pulling their parents in all sorts of directions. It was definitely a family-friendly event.

Jason immediately headed for inflatable bouncers. My $7 investment earned Jason a wristband to try out all 5 and me about an hour of relaxation, minus having to pick up his shoes and backpack each time he switched bouncers. I couldn’t help but laugh watching him play. He was having fun sliding and jumping and interacting with the other children. The fun ended when one kid got carried away jumping and landed on Jason’s face. Ouch! After that it was time to go. 

Of course a train ride would perk Jason up. I noticed a group of kids lining up to board the festival’s version of “Thomas the Train” Oh we were all smiles riding the few feet forward and back. Thank goodness kids are so simple to please. I was tempted to ask for a refund… Jason wins again. Now it was time for ME to have some fun. 


“FOOD” was what I was thinking… and smelling. The only problem was I had too much to choose from. There was my all time fair and festival favorite, funnel cakes. There was fresh off the grill barbeque and the seasoned smell of fried fish luring me back and forth between food vendors. We ended up getting some barbeque wings and fried fish, something for the both of us. 

The rest of the time was well spent. I did have one problem. I bought Jason a shooting bubble toy and why did I do that. He was walking up on people, blowing bubbles in their faces and laughing like he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Thank God he’s been blessed with good looks. Most people just laughed and told me it was okay, he was just a kid. Others looked at me with a “You better get him” look. We kept the aim to a minimum. 


The festival usually comes around twice a year. So if you’re in Atlanta during the spring, look forward to coming out. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s something to do with the family.

 Until next time…  


3 thoughts on “A Sweet Saturday Afternoon

  1. I always love the sweet auburn festival. This is a beautiful review of the saf events. Makes me wish I got some fried fish this year! Wonderful as always Tiff! Love ya.

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