This past weekend I participated in the Atlanta Classic Football event. This is one of the events I look forward to each year. Since I’ve been in Atlanta (2005) my friends and I make it a priority to go to every party we can, get our game tickets early and prepare our wardrobe weeks in advance. Yes, it’s that serious. 

This year FAMU played against Southern University and boy does Southern have spirit! But before I begin with Saturday’s game, let’s start with the night before, or two nights before, Thursday, which is when party people like me begin their weekend.

 Atlanta’s Luckie Lounge was the place to be Thursday night for FAMU Rattlers and anybody else who wanted to get their pre-party on. Last year, the party was at Shout, and I had a blast. This year I wasn’t as fortunate. Atlanta received some rain Thursday night which had me inside going through T.V. channels and talking to girlfriends about how I wasn’t coming out and that I’d have to see them tomorrow. But from what I heard, it was a nice turnout anyway. And I wanted to go! Luckie’s jerked chicken is the bomb! Okay, so you didn’t come here to read about what my favorite dish is, but seriously, you should try it. It’s great and the ambiance isn’t bad either. Take it from this Luckie vet, I know.

 As I was saying, I didn’t make it out on Thursday, but Friday was another story. We took 5 cars and 7 ladies and met at Compound for the “Official” (I love it when the flyers say official, because it’s like they’re saying ‘If you go anywhere else, you’re a loser’) Friday night party before the game. We had our doubts. My girls and I were debating whether we actually wanted to go to Compound. Don’t get me wrong, Compound is a great club. It’s an indoor/outdoor venue, with multiple party rooms, beautiful landscaping/design and lots of seating area, but did we want to deal with the fuss of long lines and overcrowding? See, that’s the thing about big events. You love a big crowd, but you HATE a big crowd – get it?

However, the Compound ended up being a great experience. My friends and I spent the night taking photos, reuniting with college friends, and dancing like we were back on Famu’s campus (minus the dropping it to the floor and all that other foolishness you did when your body had no idea of limitations). I saw and talked with a few of my friends who had traveled in to Atlanta for the weekend and it was, what we like to say, “Good times.”

While we were partying a friend of mine got us into VIP and next thing you know it was a full on party and Southern, although not as large in numbers, wasn’t backing down. They do know how to party. I should have known because I love  New Orleans and they had that Louisiana spirit all over them. I have a thing for rapper Juvenile (400 Degreez) and Hot Boys and listening to the DJ spin hits from my freshman year was climatic for me. My college roommate (who was also there with me) and I went crazy, screaming, “Do you remember this! That’s my…” Oh we had a ball…And when we heard “Girl you look good won’t you back that thang up” my friends and I jumped up and started dancing. I was having a great time until I realized I was backing my behind right in someone’s face.

Turns out Emmanuel Lewis (“Webster”) the 1980’s television sitcom star was right behind me. Ya’ll know he’s all of 4 feet. It was a shaming moment for me, but a hilarious one for my friends. When I turned around Emmanuel just smiled and I politely moved my behind in another direction. There were a few other sights in the VIP area but I’m not doing anymore name dropping. I have to make a career of this.

I should tell you what happened afterwards and how I almost broke my foot running to car, but I try to keep these things short. You’ll just have to stay tuned for more of our adventures and nights out on the town.

So, if you’re ever debating whether the trip toAtlanta for the Atlanta Classic football game is worth it…let me be the first to tell you, it sure is!

Oh, I almost forgot! The game was great. FAMU won (Go Rattlers!), but like I said, Southern has spirit (Shout out to SU!). It was a close game. I guess I’ll have to do another post to actually tell you about that one. I’m running out time. Gotta get the kid up for school you know. Until next time people…



4 thoughts on “My CLASSIC Friday

  1. I must say when I used to attend I had a blast. Looks like I am going to have to rally the ladies back up and start again next year because the fun is still there. Thanks tiff for sharing you made me feel like I was there

  2. Looks like a great time, butTiffany you must’ve had an awesome time b/c it looks like you doing the
    ‘k-wang’ in the last pic. LOL

  3. Tiff……I am so very proud of you friend. 2011 has been a developing year and I continue to see you progress in the spirit and it begins to manifest in the natural. Great entertainment piece. I had a great time with everyone on Friday and Saturday. It’s such a blessing to have wonderful friends. Love you!

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