Karaoke night at La Fiesta

Man did we have a great time.

On Saturday night the girls and I decided to do karaoke. This was item #2 on our “Living List” which we changed from the “Bucket List” since we agreed that none of us were dying anytime soon.

We met up at La Fiesta in Fairburn, a cozy little Mexican restaurant in the Publix plaza. Fabulous as usual, we hopped out of our cars exchanging hugs and kisses, the way great girlfriends across the globe do. “Oh my God, it’s so good to see you!” “You look great!” “So do you!”

We didn’t have long. One of us ladies had to be home in time for the husband to hang out with the guys. Her curfew for the night was 10:30. It was already a little after nine.

La Fiesta is a family friendly fun zone and on each and every Saturday night friends, children, old timers and birthday honorees gather for singing, dancing and dining. We were seated toward the back of the restaurant until Mrs. “I only have an hour” requested that we move closer to the DJ booth. You know there’s always that friend in the group that just has a way of making things happen. Needless to say, we were seated directly in the front. It was do, or die.

It took less than 20 minutes for our food and drinks to arrive. Our table was adorned with delicious frozen strawberry daiquiris ($5) and simple favorites, nachos and tacos. We were not there to eat we were there to make our singing debut. Still, the food was really fresh and tasty.

First up, Alisa! “Let’s welcome Alisa to the stage please. Everyone give her a round of applause.” My girl was nervous. Several acts had gone before her and so far the winner of the night was a three-year-old boy singing Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” He was instant success. The entire restaurant cheered him on. Panic left our faces when we realized Mickey wasn’t going to have to perform after him. That would have been an epic fail. I mean tragic!

First out of the crew to sing, Alisa chose Erykah Badu’s, “Call Tyrone.” And boy did she get into it. Of course, I went to snapping – photos that is. We two ladies left at the table were cracking up. “Yayyy, Go girl, Owww!” The momentum had begun. Now it was time for the rest of us to make our singing debut, but we had a slight problem.

It was time for Mrs. “I only have an hour” to go home. “Nooooo!” we all screamed. Crecia and I had just put in our song requests. She couldn’t leave! “Baby, baby, is this you? I can barely here you….” CLICK. “Whew! That should give us a little while longer.” Okay, that’s not what happened. In reality, Crecia was able to get her husband to agree that she stay a little while longer. We urged the DJ to hurry.

To our surprise there was an intermission. We assumed we would be watching karaoke all night, but then the DJ invited everyone on the dance floor a line dance. Oh we couldn’t resist. Mickey and I hit the dance floor and fell into the groove. This was quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants. Everyone was dancing and clapping…well almost everyone…

Crecia complained that she couldn’t get the steps right. We love her regardless of her two left feet!

I was up next! What did I choose? “I’ve got cute face, chubby waist, thick legs in shape…” I chose one of my favorites, Missy and Ciara’s “Lose Control” and baby I could barely finish the song because my entourage was laughing at me hysterically. My selection of song required quick lip service, lots of movement and a whole lot of enthusiasm. By the time I completed the song, I was exhausted and my girls were on the floor. We thought I would be the funny of the night…but no, that crown went to, Mrs. “I only have an hour.”

This ladies and gentlemen was the funniest part of the night. This was when laughter meets hysteria. Being the sophisticated one (it’s the glasses, it gets them every time) Crecia’s name is finally called and the audience is silent. They had no idea. All everyone saw was a young women, neatly dressed, and patiently waiting for the words to come across the screen. They paid no attention when the song, “Go D.J.” by Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh was announced. “And I move like the Coupe thru traffic, Rush hour GT Bent roof is absent” Mouths dropped open. Did this innocent looking woman put the microphone to her mouth and start rapping? Yes, yes she did. And the shock on everyone’s face was priceless. Before we knew it, people were out of their seats, pumping their fist in the air, screaming “Say go DJ, cuz that’s my DJ!” History was made on this day. It was day I died from laughter and came back to life. My friends and I had turned karaoke into a hip-hop concert. We should be signed.

When the song was over, Crecia put the microphone down and immediately left the building. Mrs. “I only have an hour” had to go. But man did she rock the crowd. A star was born that night. Stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll see more of her.

Overall, we had a GREAT time and we’re off to the next item on the, “Living List.” La Fiesta restaurant was awesome. The music was great, the atmosphere was fun and those $5 daiquiris are not worth resisting. The staff was great too, often dancing and singing with everyone else. I gave my waiter a bit of an extra tip, “You sing pretty good” he said. Sir, flattery will get you everywhere.

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “Karaoke night at La Fiesta

  1. ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL. THIS MAKES YOUR DEBUT AS A ATLANTA SOCIAL SCENE ADVOCATE! If I were not there and I read this, I would immediately make plans to hit up La Fiesta!! I love the write up and I AM FOLLOWING! Go ahead and set up your blog on twitter as well. I know you have a twitter, but you need to utilize all social media to get this thing running. Oh yeah, and Naci said that the movie about Facebook is a must see. We need to see it for mere billionaire motivation! Tiff – THIS IS IT. THIS IS YOU. I’ll get with Neisha and see about the information about the writer gig. YOU GOT THIS!

  2. Aww man..I wish i was there..”go djjjj..cause thats my djjj!” Girl did you do the dance steps to lose control..? lol..sounds fun

  3. girl this story was too cute, i died laughing about the rap song….i wish i could have been a fly on the wall b/c i know you were probably in tears laughing so hard.

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